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  • Ep151: Tim Midyett (Silkworm, Mint Mile, Bottomless Pit)

    Tim Midyett

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    Tim Midyett returns to Protonic Reversal, for the first #StayHome edition of the show. Tim comes back with a brand new 2xLP Mint Mile record, as well as new experiences from recording and touring with legends of drone: SUNN 0)))

    -Quarantine life
    -Cancelling shows
    -Playing live vs. not
    -Baroque elements and Showing Ambertron to a younger Tim.
    -Listening to old stuff from way back when.
    -Playing with people more skilled than you are/playing with people better than you.
    -playing with and entering the world of SUNN 0))), a detailed journey!
    -Michael Dahlquist tour diaries.
    -Bottomless Pit revisited.…

  • Ep150: Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black, Rapeman)

    Steve Albini

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    For the 150th episode, one of our favorite guests is back, the unmistakable and always interesting Mr. Steve Albini.

    -Making ends meet in the age of quarantine.
    -The American Health Care system
    -The slow escalation of risk with a midwest Shellac tour
    -Playing new songs live, 1/3 of the set is unreleased stuff.
    -Live experience vs. vegas stage show (the art of surprise and stage expectations)
    -Billiard Player Song and live evolution of songs
    -Cheap Trick vs. the Ex
    -Do the internal meanings of the songs change.
    -Old songs
    -Accountability for song content/flawed thinking
    -Culpability v/ doubling down on dickery.
    -Jokes vs. just being a jerk (comedians)
    -Big Black art aesthetic (it was cheaper!)
    -Big Black: Jordan, Minnesota
    -Big Black: Seth (his DOG hated black people…)(race in America and privilege)
    -The Mentors
    -The name of the band Rapeman
    -Rapeman: “I have not been held to account”
    -Blitz tattoos.
    -Dave Riley of Big Black remembered
    -The Girl on the Third Floor soundtrack (with Tim Midget and Helen Money)
    -The End of Radio Peel sessions…

  • Ep149: Billy Gould (Faith No More/Talking Book)

    Billy Gould

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    The one and only Billy Gould finally comes on Protonic Reversal! Billy and his coharts have an awesome new Talking Book album. A project that evokes eno-like soundscapes as well as 70s film soundtracks. Conan and Billy talk about that, many things Faith No More and… Milk Cult?

    -Talking Book II-70s film soundtracks
    -9 year gap
    -Structured but not structured
    -“It’s not ready until it’s ready”
    -Adding a member to a very subjective and subconscious enterprise
    -Not the same as getting a new band member.
    -Milk Cult!
    -Faith No More going into new directions the audience didn’t necessarily expect
    -Being known as a “rock guy.”
    -Old San Francisco
    -(Men of) Porn
    -Playing in Jello Biafra’s band
    -Faith No More reunion and complex relationships.
    -Songs with problems “We fixed ’em!”
    -Getting the call from Wayne Kramer to play in the MC50
    -The pressure.
    -Playing with Brendan Canty
    -“If you do something, see it though
    -Choose a journey where you don’t care about the destination.
    -The many moods and styles of guitar players of Faith More.
    -FNM as alchemy
    -Slap bass demo tapes
    -touring vs. recording
    -Live shows with Talking Book
    -Kool Arrow: the genre is “good”…

  • Ep148: Buzz Osborne (Melvins)

    Buzz Osborne

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    Buzz Osborne returns to Protonic Reversal to discuss quarantines, the new acoustic(+) album Gift of Sacrifice, songwriting, gear and lots, lots more.

    -Quarantine Life
    -EP, Acoustic Records and covering Six Pack
    -Trevor Dunn!
    -Limited edition handmade stuff
    -“You don’t HAVE to buy it.”
    -Suiting songs to the player
    -Steven McDonald in the band
    -How people listen to music
    -Vintage vs. useful
    Hilbish Design!
    -Vinyl vs. cds
    -Songwriting and “banking songs”
    -Picking up a guitar to write vs. just to play.
    -“You don’t want the fourth of july at all times.”
    -Letting the lightning strike…

  • Ep147: Jonathan Nuñez (Torche)

    Jonathan Nuñez

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    Jonathan Nuñez of the mighty Torche joins Conan for a talk that includes:

    -Nuñez Amplification and pedals
    -The current “golden age” of small scale, handmade gear.
    -Moving from bass go guitar.
    -Parting ways with Andrew
    -Parting ways with Juan
    -The extended family of Miami rockers.
    -The absolutely insane journey of Torche’s post-Russian/Greece Covid-19 tour
    -Covid-19 lifestyle changes
    -Torche “Part Time Punks” sessions
    -Jonathan’s path into recording and playing music.

    And tons more!…

  • Ep146: Mark Lanegan (Mark Lanegan Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins, Screaming Trees)

    Mark Lanegan

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    -Doing the video with Travis and Joe (and Donel!)
    -Video with Jimmy the cab driver (reprising that character after years)
    -Making the other video at the Salton Sea with still photographs
    -“Don’t mind the crickets.”
    -The book! “Sing Backwards and Weep” (and companion piece record)
    -Recording the companion piece record to the book and linking the songs to it.
    -“A pandora’s box of shitty memories.”
    -Working with Rob Marshall of Humanist.
    -Making a double record/great double records.
    -Opening for Watt
    -Blues Funeral
    -Meet and greets at the merch table and getting ghost pain from shaking hands.
    -Complicated hand shake non-engagement
    -Older audiences.
    -Picking a setlist with so much material.
    -Ripping off Leonard Cohen
    -Rated R and joining Queens of the Stone Age
    -Gutter Twins with Greg Dulli
    -Playing on each other’s records, vs. working on things together.
    -Meeting Greg Dulli (and initially wanting to kick ass ass)
    -“Secret beef!”
    -Josh Homme in Screaming Trees
    -Walking the streets with Josh Homme, and Josh being misidentified as a cop!
    -The Conner brothers.
    -The story of the Screaming Trees.
    -Publically learning how to make records
    -Different crowds knowing different eras of the music.
    -Artist vs. entertaintainer vs. guy who stands there and sings.
    -Stooges and being in Iggy’s sights…

  • Ep145: Creston Spiers (Harvey Milk)

    KCreston Spiers

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  • Ep144: Kevin Rutmanis (hepa.titus, The Cows, Melvins, Tomahawk)

    Kevin Rutmanis

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    At last! Kevin Rutmanis comes on Protonic Reversal, a delightful conversation with a self-identified genuine musical weirdo that is not heard from NEARLY OFTEN enough! In this episode Conan and Kevin talk about:

    -Covering Night Goat in Hepa.Titus
    -Boutique vinyl, human hands touch almost ever piece!
    -Finding Alice Cooper (who also hated everybody)
    -AM Radio inspiration and enjoyment
    -Da Blues!
    -Not picking up the bass until 28, he was very busy.
    -The Cows, a nasty bunch of creeps that also played music.
    Inspiration by other bands not being great.
    -SLIDE bass!
    -New generations getting into “weird” music and finding music in general.
    -Cape Fear guy.
    -Recording the last “Cows” record and then joining the Melvins.
    -Buzz wanting the Kevin thing.
    -The story of Tomahawk, Kevin’s tale. A contrast in musical approaches. (thanks Buzz!)
    -the story of Hepa.Titus, from early to now.
    -How great is Paul Christensen?
    -The Bass V-I… Kevin R. is NOT a gear guy
    -Electrical Guitar Company necks.…

  • Ep142: Matt Cronk (Qui, Cunts)

    Matt Cronk of Qui

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    First episode of 2020 is up! Matt Cronk of Qui and Cunts speaks to Conan about all things rock!

    -Quite a bit of talk about midwest vs. L.A.
    -Cunts origin story
    -AmRep/Touch and Go style or Hardcore Band?
    -The name, reactions or non-reactions thereof. “If you’re offender by it, it’s probably not for you… and that’s fine”
    -Being in a band that is getting a little bit of attention while being a musician approaching middle age.
    -“While they argue about riffs, I can look at girls on tinder”
    -Qui… and Anything Goes!
    -Genre vs. Emotional Response.
    -Qui on recharge status
    -Covering “Goin’ Out West”
    -Hardcore bands lack of originality.
    -“I just want to listen to Captain Beefheart and REM
    -David Yow joining Qui
    -Qui recording Ashtry Heart with Buzz Osborne, Dale Drover, Trevor Dunn and Kevin Rutmanis
    -Ramones vs. Eric Dolphy: respect to both, different skill sets.

  • Ep140: Greg Saunier (Deerhoof)

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    It’s long overdue! But Greg Saunier of the mighty Deerhoof is finally on Protonic Reversal!

    -Blueberry tea.
    -San Francisco then vs. now and various tech stories.
    -Music scenes where everybody participates
    -Deerhoof finding it’s audience, an audience that likes to be surprised.
    -Corporations consolidating music together.
    -Greg and Conan talk about the early beginnings of Deerhoof.
    -Major label sell outs being an anachronism.
    -George Horn and mastering the crazy first Deerhoof 7″ for Kill Rock Stars
    -Satomi joining the band after only being in America a few weeks.
    -Brief forays into politics.
    -The complete lack of “development” in music now, and it’s vitality to Deerhoof becoming it’s thing.
    -tourin’ tourin’ tourin’, at medium sized places around the world.
    -Spotify and the gross insustainability of things that “seem like the future” but benefit everybody but the artist.
    -Underground and independent spaces worldwide!
    -Ed and John.
    -John’s pickup soccer games.
    -Political stances in 2019.…

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