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  • Ep120: Jeff Mueller (June of 44, Shipping News, Rodan)

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    (stream and download – Episode 120)

    Hello, dear friends, and welcome to another episode of Protonic Reversal! On the day after Jesus’ birthday, we talked to the amazing Jeff Mueller (of June of 44, Shipping News, and Rodan!) and discussed such topics as:

    -When your kids see you play
    -Relearning via Youtube
    -Being a NYC band that draws in Italy
    -Packaging as part of the overall art project
    -Having and ditching nautical themes
    -Meeting social media friends in the real world
    -the disappearing DIY aesthetic
    -How certain bands don’t get the success they should have
    -“Five thirty in the morning happens a lot over there”
    -The Shipping News and Jason
    -a commonality of experience
    -Principal riff writers
    -Using the “In the Fishtank” approach on your own records
    -Stencilling anything for the merch table
    -Distributors hate weird packaging
    -The still dire state of record pressing
    -Investing the time in finding new music
    -Cycles of rediscovery

    Interview around 14 minutes in.…

  • Ep119: Joe Cardamone (the Icarus Line)/Michael Grodner (The Icarus Line Must Die)

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    (stream and download – Episode 119)

    Double the guests, double the fun! As Conan and Josh have on Joe Cardamone of the Icarus Line and Michael Grodner, filmmaker beyond the upcoming (sorta) biopic: The Icarus Line Must Die.

    17:05 Michael Grodner

    57:10 Joe Cardamone

    Michael Grodner:
    -The Jim Jarmusch Black and White Aesthteic.
    -It’s not a documentary
    -darkness following the band.
    -relating to creative pursuits
    -art vs. commerce, subtly
    -Jerry Stahl’s book-on-vinyl
    -Keith Morris
    Dirty Laundry (TV!)
    -the Hell of fundraising vs. actually making a movie.

    Joe Cardamone
    -Starting the film having no idea what was going on
    -Dialogue that sounds like one person (aka: Sorkin-speak)
    -Gimme Danger the movie: a missed opportunity
    -Some Kind of Monster: Best thing ever
    -Music’s marketability and it’s inextricable ties to youth culture
    -not taking advantage of making a “comeback”
    -Eastbound & Down
    -Scott Weiland’s death and the last Icarus Line’s last show
    -Getting real life in the movie
    -Metallica in a Bob Log style
    -How to get to the solo record
    -“Do whatever you want. No one’s going to hear it, who gives a fuck?”
    -Sounding good next to Gucci Mane…

  • Ep118: Rick Valentin (Poster Children, Thoughts Detecting Machines)

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    (stream and download – Episode 118)

    Hello, summer people! It’s time to put away the sweaters and break out the shorts, and while you do all that shuffling about with your damned laundry, you should listen to this great episode of Protonic Reversal! Conan and Josh welcome back to the show Rick Valentin, of Poster Children and Thoughts Detecting Machines! We talked about such things as:

    -semi-accidental topicality
    -there’s nothing wrong with writing music of its time
    -putting out a record from your basement…again
    -DIY and PledgeMusic
    -the album as a complete package
    -packaging multiple items/bundling
    -members of Fugazi actually selling merch
    -avant-garde smart-ass humor
    -sequencing an album
    -rejecting digital perfection and “Keeping in REAL”
    -working with Albini after a 25 year gap
    -changing songwriting techniques
    -a record of songs vs. a “production”
    -making a pocket band
    -doing all the wrong things at the right time
    -fully baking the half baked ideas
    -a long digression on TV
    -building autonomous community on the internet…

  • Ep117: Andrew Elstner (Dead Now, Tilts, Torche)

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    (stream and download – Episode 117)

    Hey hey hey!
    it’s Andrew Elstner of Dead Now, and formerly of Tilts, Torche, Riddle of Steel and more.
    He speaks of leaving Torche, the passing of Ken McCray, moving down south, boutique pedals. Putting on a show. It’s a whole thing.

    Did you know that the original theme song for this show was a Tilts song?
    Yup. He’s also a returning guest. All the way back from Episode 3. Holy moly! that’s 114 episodes ago. OK!…

  • Ep116: Andrew “Falco” Falkous (Future of the Left, christian fitness, mclusky)

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    (stream and download – Episode 116)

    Well met, all! Welcome once again to the home of the Protonic Reversal! This week’s guest was friend of the show Andrew Falkous! It’s always a blast chatting with Falco, as you can see by the list of topics we touched upon:

    -All the Bongs, Vol. 2
    -the binary of “California” and “Not California”
    -pissing around until something good happens
    -the story of a band vs. the quality
    -the demented husks of humanity, at least they’re having a good time
    -making the music is the most fun part
    -the Cardiff post office
    -Morrissey needs limits
    -”proper music” (said with disdain)
    -the misplaced optimism of the doomed
    -cat updates
    -”Of Wolf and Man”
    -the future kings of Spain
    -Halliburton: Radio Nope’s biggest listener
    -parenthood and living in London
    -the French are very attached to smoking
    -the skill of further alienating a bad audience…

  • Ep115: The Bismarck (Chris Jury, Dan Mohr, Eric Fundingsland)

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    (stream and download – Episode 115)

    Well, hey, hey! Seattle’s The Bismarck come into the Protonic Reversal studios to crack wise, run schtick and every once in awhile provide some deep epiphanies at being a long running band that is prone to hilarious and heartbreaking disaster.

  • Ep114: Keith Morris (OFF!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag)

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    (stream and download – Episode 114)

    Howdy, all! Tonight’s special guest on Protonic Reversal is the legendary Keith Morris! Conan and Josh, delightfully, barely get a word in as Keith tells us all about such things as:

    -Keith’s “turn” to write a book
    -The Decline of Western Civilization Part XVIII
    -Picking opening acts
    -James Brown
    -Taking opportunities when presented, or not
    -Jeffrey Lee Pierce
    -Early punk rock scenes
    -Keith Levene
    -the end of the Circle Jerks
    -the beginning of Off!
    -Playing festivals to build a new audience
    -Getting the friends and family discount at the hotel…

  • Ep113: Rose Marshack (Poster Children)

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    (stream and download – Episode 113)

    Well, hello! Welcome to another fresh eppy of Protonic Reversal! Conan and Josh are thrilled to talk with their guest, Rose Marshack of Poster Children! While Rose attempts to interview them just as much as they interview her, much is discussed. Such as:

    -Meta podcast referencing
    -the origins of Radio Zero
    -the pkids listserv community
    -kids think nickelback is funny
    -the epic story of Li’l Pump
    -Conan’s Milwaukee conversations
    -serious geography discussion
    -driving and biking and efficiency
    -recycling paranoia
    -writing the new record
    -time signatures and drum terminology
    -being an unwilling booker surrogate for Fugazi members
    -aluminati and other basses
    -Gram the Stickman
    -Doing everything in a par
    -enhanced CDs
    -Yoko Ono
    -Josh and Conan: How did you get into punk rock?…

  • Ep112: Body Futures (DJ Hostettler, Dixie Jacobs, Chris Maury)

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    (stream and download – Episode 112)

    Welcome, once again, to the Home of the Protonic Reversal! Today’s guests are in the studio, even! They’re Body Futures! They’re great! We check out songs from their new record “Maybe It’s Just the Weather,” and chat about:

    -KISS/Infowars crossover lyrics
    -Comic Talk
    -Stone Temple Pilots Talk
    -that sound that Goofy makes
    -efficiency with riffs
    -making the record sound big/gettin’ weird
    -getting way inside baseball on the vocals
    -a decent amount of murder
    -the album title, anxiety and catharsis and indie rock about indie rock
    -Scott Stapp is still ready to fight
    -More Comic Talk
    -technology remnants
    -bands with the same name
    -the best part of being in a band is definitely marketing
    -True crime
    -people in their thirties that haven’t seen Gremlins
    -suggestions for the next movie for Body Futures to write a song about
    -naming movies after unrelated pop songs
    -the African Anteater Ritual
    -Two Robocops?!?
    -the home life of Peter Weller
    -regional groundhogs
    -What’s so wrong with Friend Rock City?
    -people love a schtick
    -Gorilla Goose…

  • Ep111: Dave Catching (Rancho De La Luna, Earthlings?, Eagles of Death Metal, Desert Sessions, Queens of the Stone Age)

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    (stream and download – Episode 111)

    Once again, it’s time for the Percolator, and Protonic Reversal! Actually, it’s always time for the Percolator, but never mind. This week, Conan and Josh got on the ol’ phone once or twice with Rancho De La Luna’s Dave Catching! The fun, wide-ranging conversation was about, amongst other things:

    -the Joshua Tree scene/weather report
    -Rancho and busy times
    -Desert Sessions
    -the Rancho recording experience
    -Poppy and Harriet’s
    -the Splattering of the Tribes
    -Yawning Man
    -No Trespassing. Seriously.
    -Any band can make great music
    -Arctic Monkeys and Mark Lanegan
    -the Fun Machine
    -More organs than seats
    -Being lucky enough to enjoy playing shows and not losing money
    -Eagles of Death Metal: Always on tour
    -Finding a Flying V in a closet
    -Paris and Le Bataclan
    -U2 doing some really cool shit
    -Touring post-attack
    -New Orleans
    -Seven songs in 25 years
    -Recording Iggy
    -Working a relaxed schedule…

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